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Psych Ward - Discografia

Psych Ward, es un grupo pionero del darkness depresivo y del horrorcore. Se ha convertido en el grupo de horrorcore más polémico de la historia y debido a esto no ha sido bien recibido en el mundo musical, ya que sus miembros exploran temas extremadamente viscerales o sangrientos entre los que se encuentran: el canibalismo, la tortura, el sadomasoquismo, el satanismo y el anticristianismo.

Albunes de estudio: Decrepid Methods (2007), Rulers of the Damned (2008), Street Slime (2011).

Psych Ward - Mental Patients LP (2005)

1. Get Minez
2. Suicide Bomba
3. One Of These Days
4. Back 2 The Essence
5. Peep My Identity
6. Verbal Fo Fo’s
7. Set It Off (feat. Zillah)
8. Pumps N Tights
9. Mental Patients
10. Biochemists
11. Red Remy
12. The Jump Off
13. Triple Beams
14. Vocal Ammo
15. Maniac
16. Out The Gutters
17. Dedicated
18. Street Light
19. Still Strugglin
20. Blood On My Nikes
21. The Devil’s Rejects (feat. Zillah)
22. Psych Ward

Psych Ward - Decrepid Methods (2007)

1. Intro
2. Blood In My Eyes
3. Altered Beast
4. The Covenant (feat. Savage Bros)
5. Smuthred In Brains (feat. Lord Lhus)
6. Chambers Of Decay
7. Meadow 2 Ghetto
8. Butchery Of Carnage
9. The Recipe
10. What Kid
11. Sermon’s Of Vermon
12. Faces Of Death
13. The Wrong Place
14. Santuary’s Of Sin
15. Better Life
16. Black Mass
17. Legion Of Demons (feat. Matt Walst)
18. 1000 Corpses
19. Thug Shit
20. Tran Of Thought
21. Hell’s Pits
22. Outro

Psych Ward - Rulers of the Damned (2008)

1. Intro
2. Bled Streets
3. Heritage Of Heritcs
4. The Exorcism (feat. 2Ugli)
5. Tunnels Of Madness
6. Reap The Razor (feat. Savage Brothers)
7. Beyond The Grave
8. Reign Of Terror (feat. Judge Cryptic)
9. Devil Inchains
10. Dark Labyrinth
11. Honor Of Thives
12. Hearse Chase (feat. Venom & Malikiah)
13. Live 2 Die
14. The Unhead (feat. Lord Lhus)
15. Satanic Rites
16. Shrine Of 7 Heads
17. Organ Donors (feat. Planet X)
18. Stuck On The Beat
19. Vivid Executions (feat. Lord Lhus)

Psych Ward - Street Slime (2012)

01. Enter the Psych Ward (Produced by Sentury Status)
02. Angel Dust (Produced by Al’Tarba)
03. Let’s Party (Produced by Junior Makhno)
04. Psychomagnetic Feat. King Magnetic (Produced by Sicknature)
05. The Undisputed (Produced by Al’Tarba)
06. Dark Opera Feat. So Sick Social Club (Produced by Al’Tarba)
07. Biophyzix (Produced by Graph Wize)
08. No Escape Feat. Block McCloud (Produced by Sentury Status)
09. Bang! Bang! (Produced by Al’Tarba)
10. Any Body (Produced by J Nyce)
11. Trouble Child (Produced by J Nyce)
12. Breakdown Feat. Sabac Red (Produced by J Nyce)
13. Dead 2 Me (Produced by Ja)
14. Open the Door (Produced by Graph Wize)
15. Lost Planet Feat Swann (Produced by Snowgoons)
16. Wolves (Produced by Sean Strange)
17. This is Why Feat. Blaq Poet (Produced by Graph Wize)
18. Vikingz Feat. Riviera Regime (Produced by Al’Tarba)
19. Sick of Society (Produced by J Nyce)

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