lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013

La Coka Nostra - A Brand You Can Trust(2009)

Forrmato: MP3
Servidor: MF/HT/DF/LB/UD

Track List
   1. Bloody Sunday (feat. Big Left & Sen Dog)
   2. Get You By
   3. Bang Bang (feat. Snoop Dogg)
   4. The Stain
   5. I’m An American (feat. B-Real)  [official video]
   6. Brujeria (feat. Sick Jacken)
   7. Once Upon A Time
   8. Cousin Of Death [official video]
   9. Choose Your Side (feat. Bun B)
  10. Hardcore Chemical
  11. Soldier’s Story (feat. Sick Jacken)
  12. Gun In Your Mouth
  13. Nuclear Medicinemen (feat. Q-Unique & Immortal Technique)
  14. That's Coke [official video]
  15. Fuck Tony Montana (feat. Sick Jacken & B-Real)


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