jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013

Bloodline - Let The Blood Spill (2009)

Formato: MP3
Servidor: MF/DF


1.- Blood In - Produced by Al'tarba, Cuts by DJ Nix'on
2.- Open the Gates - Produced by Al'tarba
3.- Deadly Remedy Featuring Little Vic - Produced by Vokab
4.- Hollow Groundz Featuring Wally Worm aka Qualm - Produced by Eternel
5.- Inhale the Danger 2009 - Produced by Al'tarba
6.- Tales from the Crypt Featuring Mr. Morbid - Produced by Genghis Khan
7.- Eternel Madness Featuring Dr. Ama aka Darkskinned Assassin - Produced by Eternel, cuts by DJ Fellbaum
8.- Infect ya Heart - Produced by KR, cuts by DJ Nix'on
9.- Warlordz (Venom Solo) - Produced by Eternel, cuts by DJ Fellbaum
10.- 4th Chapter Feat Eternel and Apacalypze of Planet X - Produced by Vokab, cuts by DJ Fellbaum
11.- Stab Woundz Featuring Eternel - Produced by Vokab
12.- Salems Lot Featuring Eternel of Planet X and Jnyce of Psych Ward - Produced by Anabolic
13.- Riddle of Steel - Produced by Eternel
14.- Sign of the X Featuring Planet X - Produced by Al'tarba
15.- Bleeding Season Featuring Knowledge of Savage Bros and Kid Fade of Psych Ward - Produced by Lord Lhus
16.- Let the Blood Spill - Produced by Melph
17.- Torture Rap - Produced by Eternel
18.- Winds of Plague - Produced by Stijin
19.- Resurrection Featuring Jak Progresso - Produced by Benzie
20.- The Last Breed Featuring Shallow Pockets of Psych Ward - Produced by Al'tarba, cuts by DJ Nix'on
21.- Blood Out - Produced by Eternel

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